What a blessing this all was though…a part of my life’s journey that was so necessary to my life mission and to you! Since then you could say that I’ve discovered my way back home…to little shining Kiko. My journey led me though relearning how to express myself again through tv, film and ultimately winning an Emmy Award. I became a black belt teacher in Bojuka street self defense and proceeded to support the liberation of many many girls and women as well as becoming Vice President of a domestic violence non-profit. The adventure kept going deeper and deeper leading me to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher where I learned to remember the power of breath, stillness and internal strength.

The first time I taught a Rape Prevention Seminar and witnessed in person how quickly a woman can regain her feminine power with  the right type of psychological, emotional and physical training…the definition of beign a man completely changed for me. Somehow being a part of a woman coming into her power authenticated me as a man.  I’ve since dedicated my life to us men and boys re-learning 


our roles as honorable heart-centered men. Men who stand up and Protect, Respect & Connect (with our hearts) with all women, girls, children and elders. There’s no need to go off and fight a war and kill innocent families when we have many women, children and others that need our protection right here at home. It’s impossible to take care of other if we can’t even take care of ourselves.

All of these learnings I’ve been blessed with over the years have brought me back home to me. Full expression. Authentic Voice. Intuitive and sensitive yet firm within. And an inner stillness that is a sacred place of peace and contentment in this world of distraction and chaos.

If you are seeking any aspect of this for yourself, I’d love to support you to finding your way back home too.  



These 12 – 2 hour “one on one” sessions with me are for you if you’re truly ready to upgrade your lifestyle to one of centeredness, relaxation, creativity and power. If you’re ready to shift your old thought and energy patterns of your life and transform yourself into a liberated women who owns her space, her voice, her self expression, esteem and her power, then this is for you. I will immerse you in the most complete total empowerment program that’s fully customized for your personal liberation. Each session incorporates Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Organic Movement Warm Ups & Real Life Street Tested Self-Defense Technique. Each person has different challenges and blocks so this is not a one size fits all program. I build each private programs differently and fully customized to get your core energy moving so you can break through with new thoughts, words and actions allowing you to live your destiny.

After the basic foundation (Theory, Pranayama, Self-Defense, Yoga etc) is laid I will also guide you in setting up your home for ultimate peace of mind. We will do an exterior home safety survey (day & night), identify environmental weapons, strategic weapons, escape routes, identify and create thrive points and plenty more. 

If you were once scared or felt vulnerable in your home…that will all be over after you complete these 12 sessions. 
ONLINE TRAINING (summer 2019)

I was always a bit disappointed when I was teaching classes that I wasn’t able to support women in being safer, empowered and liberating themselves from the constant day to day fear that most women unfortunately live in. This summer that all changes. I am currently putting together an online training course where I teach you the basics of Real Street Savvy Self-Defense, Kundalini Yoga & Powerful Meditation Techniques, De-stressing Practices and bring it all together with some Organic Movement Exercises. Are you ready for more YOU? Get notified here when we launch!

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