I empower people in being fully connected, balanced, harmonious, peaceful and happy in their Self, so that no matter where they go in this world, no matter who they’re with, and no matter what is happening around them, they will always have an unbreakable connection with the guidance, wisdom, power and grace of their true Self, because once you have you,
you really do have everything.



The Divine Man Motto:

"As I stand here in this body, I stand forever firm here in Heaven, seeing with the Divine Eye, thinking with the Divine Mind and acting as the
Divine Being I Am."

Are you experiencing deep frustration with yourself in life? Distracted daily? Stuck in superficial matters in life you really don’t give a shit about? Unchecked anger towards others? Unable to truly express what’s really going on inside of you, inside of your heart? Stuck in your head overthinking simple matters of life? Addicted to porn? Always feeling 3-steps behind in your relationship? Feel like you always have to be the lone wolf? No real plan for your life that’s meaningful to you? Want to do something more with your life but don’t know what to do? Stuck in guilt, shame and incessantly beating yourself up? Can’t access, decipher or express your emotions in a healthy way? Aren’t crystal clear why you’re even here on this planet? Do you feel disoriented and lost within your own life overall or not feeling like you’re being the man you were born to be? 

I know from personal experience that this short list is just the tip of the iceberg and that when you’re neck deep in it, what you’re going through can feel like nothing short of endless torture with no light at the end of the tunnel. Not a light that you can see at least. 

So, If you said yes to even a few of these, you’re undoubtedly in the right place! Because I’ve learned to navigate that deep dark place with my eye closed for over 40 years, right here in the comfort of my own claustrophobic body, unable to be me. I know all the symptoms, the pains and the vicious destructive habits of being completely and utterly lost in life. 

If you’re in this place, don’t go at it alone. Allow someone to escort you back on your life’s path and support you in the daily practices that will strengthen you to remain on your path for the rest of your life. 

What's taken me over 30 years to figure out I can teach you in a matter of months!

If we are a fit to work together here are just a few things you’ll attain in becoming your own divine man:

The many gifts that you will receive from dedicating yourself to doing this type of work are truly endless and will be well deserved and earned by you.

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I’ll not only teach you how to get to having “YOU” again extremely fast, but I'll teach you how to maintain yourSelf in this chaotic and overstimulated world.

"The Soils of Wisdom”

You will learn how to alchemize all of your mistakes, struggles, f-ups, and anything else you’re beating yourself up over into pure wisdom. What I like to call “The Soils of Wisdom.” I won’t kid you, that’s not my style, it’s a process of relentlessness patience and daily action. 

But when you look at the scope of your life as a whole, you might as well use your time wisely while you’re here. Make choices you can be proud of so that when you return home you’ll have no regrets. 

and filled the hearts of your loved ones and that you truly gave your best effort to this thing we call life

When you're done here on earth and return home, know that:

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