a teacher, entrepreneur, community activist & artist of life dedicated to helping you shine your unique light into the world with Peace, Power & Charisma!

You could say I’m a renaissance man…

Whereas I had no voice, could not formulate opinions, found it terrifying to speak to people, was mostly stone-faced and expressionless, and had little to no social skills, I took vocal lessons, creative expression classes, acting training, and then my heart opened and I began to explore myself through acting, became a sought after voice over artist, Emmy winner, accomplished actor, fully expressed man, husband, friend, father and advocate for those who have not yet found their voices.

As a young boy I love to sing, dance, be silly to the max expressing the true liberated nature of my soul! I think my mother picked up on that as she always said, 

"You're my son-shine"

I’ll always be grateful to her for that because no matter how much darkness I was going through in my life, no matter how much I forgot to shine my inner light, her words were always deeply imbedded into my psyche. For the next 30+ years after this picture was taken, I unconsciously put myself into a self imposed prison. All of my time was invested in people pleasing, walking on eggshells afraid to make mistakes, not having my voice or opinion on anythng that really mattered, forgetting how to express my love of life through my body and voice and never having any real confidence in anything I did. You could say that 

I sold My Soul

to the outer world and sacrificed all that I knew was true to me on the inside. Yet there was this burning desire to have a hold of me again. My true self. To get back home to the unaltered, uncorrupted me. And it’s still that same burning desire that fuels my journey today. From teaching children (special education, acting, self-defense, leadership) to building an Emmy Award winning career in Hollywood, to being Vice President of a domestic violence non-profit, to building a conscious media production company and speaking worldwide

In my journey to discover the me within me again, I’ve learned how to liberate myself from my self imposed prison so I could be fully me, free and happy. And my life’s passion is helping others to do the same.

I believe that each of us regardless of sex, color, social status (and so on) has the destiny to liberate ourselves from our own self imposed bondage to ultimately be who we truly are on the inside. To accept our own uniqueness, quirks, mistake and all. 

"My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at his feet." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

I believe it is our responsibility to transform the darkness surrounding us into light, by having the courage to freely express our own light so that others may see who we truly are. Yes, it’s time to show ourselves to the world.

I’ve come to know that it’s the simple things in life that make the biggest difference. Like waking up everyday inspired to simply live the best day possible and to go to sleep with a peaceful heart and an inspired mind. 

I see a world where all people are thriving together, helping one another to unleash their unique gifts into the world. This definitely includes you too! I’m here to serve  my sisters and brothers in being who they are truly meant to be so that the entire world can experience the uniqueness of their being. You deserve to be all of you, to radiate your authentic energy and voice into the world, whatever that looks like to you. 

To shine your inner light as much as humanly possible and as often as possible. To celebrate the very gift of life and to dance just because you can. (And btw…everyone can”dance” no matter what the world has led us to believe.)

The Groove of Life!

Honestly…I’m just a happy boy at heart, my mother’s “Son-shine”, that intends to dance, sing and play all around our world helping others to do the same. What will this world be like when we can all finally do this together? Now that’s a party I would love to be at! 

I definitely don’t have it all figured out, I drop the ball sometimes, and get down on myself just like the rest of us. But, what I can tell you is that my commitment is to give you the best of what I continually learn through my own personal experience, to be real with you, and to give you all of me, quirks, passion, depth and all. I’ll keep growing, making mistakes and cleaning up my messes as I’ve come to know this is the best way to live for me. Experiment, make a mess, learn from it, clean it up and do it better the next time. Rinse and repeat. Messy and fun…C’est La Vie.

I appreciate you spending this time reading about my journey and I look forward to us staying connected and building a world where all of us brothers and sister are thriving, together. Click here if you’re down with that. 

Thanks for hanging out and here’s to a beautiful future and world!

Truth, Peace & Harmony,


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