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Are you “over” being afraid to speak your truth and stand up for what you know is right? Tired of your physical and emotional boundaries being completely ignored or disrespected? Do you doubt your ability to keep yourself safe if push comes to shove? 

Once you complete this course, “MA’AT POWHER,” you will be activated in a way you’ve likely never been activated before in your entire life! By training women for over 15 years, this course has been crafted to unleash women from living apologetic and small to bold and expensive and take practically any female from a surviving mentality to being a full on thriver! 

It’s time to harness your innate Divine feminine powher! With everything hitting the fan in our world right now there is no time to wait! The Powher of your feminine energy is needed more now than ever before! You know this to be true. 

Learn these ancient energy principles that every martial artist masters to defeat their opponent before a physical threat is even possible. Completely shift your energy so those bullies won’t even see you anymore. Handle challenging people from a place of confidence and Powher that you may not have ever been able to access before and call upon it anytime you need to, easily. 

Your ready? If you’re still reading this, stop second guessing yourself as I’m sure you’re tired of that too! Make a choice from your Powher-Full Self and get to the other side of this! 

Who this course is Perfect for:

  • • Women who want to fully UNLEASH their full feminine powher
  • • Women who are ready to better invest in a fierce self-love 
  • • Women who’ve been emotionally or physically abused
  • • Women who worry about not being able to defend themselves • Women due to their height, size or strength
  • • Women who struggles with being able to command the respect of a man
  • • Women who struggle with setting and maintaining strong physical and emotional boundaries
  • • Women who’ve never taken any form of self-defense training
  • • Women who seeks the level of confidence to say “NO” and be heard

Who should NOT enroll in this course:

  • • Women who want to keep gambling with their safety
  • • Women who want to keep suppressing their true feminine power
  • • Women who want to keep pointing the finger at others for why she can’t achieve success
  • • Women who are addicted to negative gossip 
  • • Women who tear other women down to build themselves up
  • • Women who want to keep giving away their power to a man
  •  • Women 


We live by the breath, we die by the breath. Even implementing only one of these techniques on a regular basis into your lifestyle will transform your entire life, permanently.

This course will take you through the foundational breath work and meditation practices of Kundalini Yoga. Once you are able to breath consciously, you are able to better respond from you higher capacities, remain calmer, think clearer, plan more strategically, speak with your natural authority and inspire the lives of other much easier.

It all starts with you, your actions, your words, your emotions, your thoughts….your breath.

This Course Includes 12 Lessons:

Lesson 1 – “Tuning in”  with the “Adi Mantra”

Lesson 2 – Proper Breathing

Lesson 3 – Breath Awareness Exercise

Lesson 4 – Breath of Fire

Lesson 5 – Sitali Pranayam

Lesson 6 – The 4 Stroke Breath

Lesson 7 – Alternate Nostril Breathing

Lesson 8 – The 1-Minute Breath

Lesson 9 – Learning to Meditate

Lesson 10 -Meditation for a Calm Heart 

Lesson 11 – Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex

Lesson 12 – Prosperity Meditation #2

4 – Meditation video sessions


After you complete this course, you will know everything you need to know to best navigate the streets wherever you go while you show up safely, fully activated and as the highest version of yourself. 

You will know what to focus on in any situation that is compromising your safety.

You will know how to truly be safer and to command a peaceful state of mind.

You will know how to identify threats in most any person or situation.

You will learn how to better manage your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

You will be able to command respect without having to “do” anything.

You will be much more confident in your ability to take care of yourself at all times.

You will know how to channel the most dynamic and powerful part of yourself.

This Course Includes:

10 – Foundational combat lessons you need to know before you learn how to throw your first punch!

Lesson 1 – Self-Offense

Lesson 2 – Intuition

Lesson 3 – Awareness

Lesson 4 – Body Language

Lesson 5 – Eye Contact

Lesson 6 – Voice Powher

Lesson 7 – Speaking Hands

Lessons 8 – All or Nothing

Lesson 9 – Stay In Control

Lesson 10 – Main Targets

Ma'at University was founded by Kiko J. Ellsworth out of his desire to see his fellow sisters and brothers live in harmony and balance together. Ma'at University's mission is to create cinematic educational video courses, retreats, workshops, classes and high vibe narratives that Unite Men and Women in Leading Our World as One. We believe that when our personal relationships as well as communal relationships are rooted in Ma’at (Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Righteousness, Reciprocity) then all people are able to thrive in harmony with our Mother Earth.