The ultimate Safety & Empowerment Package

This is the Ultimate Safety & Empowerment Bundle! Included in your purchase is: A Safety Workbook (softcover) • eBook • Musically Enhanced Audiobook • Lyft & Uber Safety Guide & 4 classic empowerment hip hop songs by Emmy Award winning actor Kiko Ellsworth.  No matter where you are or what you’re doing you’ll have everything you need to be safe, empowered and inspired! Stay tuned for my upcoming online training program with personalized self-defense, yoga, meditation technique, dance and a whole lot of fun with ya boy Kiko in the process!

ONLINE TRAINING (summer 2019)

I was always a bit disappointed when I was teaching classes that I wasn’t able to support women in being safer, empowered and liberating themselves from the constant day to day fear that most women unfortunately live in. This summer that all changes. I am currently putting together an online training course where I teach you the basics of Real Street Savvy Self-Defense, Kundalini Yoga & Powerful Meditation Techniques, De-stressing Practices and bring it all together with some Organic Movement Exercises. Are you ready for more YOU? Get notified here when we launch! 

If you’re more of a hands on person, you can always inquire about my Private Coaching. I can only train a limited number of clients at any given point in time so please be patient. I guarantee it’ll be worth the wait.