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You could say I’m a bit of a renaissance man…

It wasn’t all peachy for me starting out like many of us. Whereas I had no voice, could not formulate opinions, found it terrifying to speak to people, was mostly stone-faced and expressionless, and had little to no social skills, I allowed courage to flow through me, took creative expression classes, acting training, vocal lessons, and then the shackles disappeared from 

my soul and I began to have a deeper experience of life, became an accomplished and sought after series regular, an  Emmy Award winner, voice over artist, fully expressed man, musician, vocalist, husband, friend, proactive father and advocate for those who have not yet found their voices.

"Once you have you, you have everything!" - Kiko

Whereas I had struggled as a student, read very few books in my lifetime, lacked an understanding of the classics and knew nothing of the greatest minds of the world, I elevated my mind and improved my intellect, studied voraciously, developed a deep understanding of inclusivity and compassion for humanity, became a student of and for life, strengthened my vocabulary by becoming well read, well spoken, a writer, public speaker and best selling author.

Whereas I lacked an appreciation for my health and well being, was mentally unfocused, physically undisciplined, desensitized to my inner strength and numb to my true power, I cultivated my Chi to become a black belt in martial arts, studied intensely to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher, meditated for 2 years before the sunrise each day, went from eating unclean meat 5 times a day to purely plant-based eating and taught women of all ages, sizes and ethnicities how to liberate their voice, expand their energy, harness their feminine power and to be full of their natural grace and Powher in all areas of life.


Whereas I stole things in my youth, had little respect for females, energetically took what I wanted unconsciously, gave little in return to others even those who generously gave to me, had no faith in myself, others or in life itself, I healed my wounded heart, elevated my spirit and learned how to love myself and give to others through the sacrifice of my marriage and giving to my community.

Whereas I was unknowingly addicted to many vices that weakened my connection to self, I trusted my internal guidance and released smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol and eating unclean meat all day long, I eliminated sugar, toxins and other drugs from my system, became celibate and became unattached to social media, tv and entertainment and yet more able to engage in life with my full self.


Yoga Anyone?

Whereas I had a poor self image, impoverished thinking about my value as a human being, didn’t think I had anything of substance to contribute to others or society, had no direction or ambition, blamed others for my poor circumstances, relied on outside validation and acknowledgement, felt oppressed and angry, fearful and regretful, I went within and became responsible and resourceful, resilient and fearless, self created, confident, happy, joyful, generous, playful, creative, inspired, loving, fulfilled, an advocate for the oppressed and voiceless, for women and children, Vice President of Safe Passage shelter for abused women and children, a school teacher, a security guard, a bartender, an Lyft driver, a filmmaker, producer, director, a successful entrepreneur, businessman and creative artist, home owner, loving father, loyal friend, and community builder.


VP of Safe Passage Non-Profit

Whereas I had painful, broken and disconnected relationships with my family, friends and my community, I was taught how to face my reality and do the necessary work to rebuild loving bridges of communication, heal the deep anger towards my father, be my daughter’s best friend and hero, raise my fatherless cousin, elevate my love for my ex-wife to support her new relationship and forge a loving tribe of support around the world.

Whereas I learned to forgive myself and others, take responsibility for my entire life, have trust and faith in our One Creator, myself and others deeply contemplate and increase my understanding of who I Am, love and appreciate myself as I Am, I opened my soul and became Kiko. 

"Once you have you, you have everything!"

Blessings, Peace & Tons of Ma’at,