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Confessions of divine Man

Kiko speaks on behalf of all men to pay tribute, respect and honor to all females for their innate power and contribution to the human species. Women and men alike are intimately engaged at a soul level while exploring these essential truths that are unavoidably so inspiring, freeing and empowering for us all. Kiko shares real life experiences from being an insecure, egotistical and toxic man, to a happy, healthy and ever-evolving whole man. Men and women get an in depth look at the mindset, tools and pure will of what it takes to evolve. This entertaining and heart-opening share, supports many men who are currently struggling in life, while also giving many women inspiration, inner-standing and peace. This engaging experience fine tunes a woman’s empathy on how to best be in relation to a man while he’s in the earlier stages of his evolution in becoming his healthy, whole and divine self. It empowers a woman to radically care for herself and in doing so, she becomes the greatest inspiration for a man to truly love, care for and to evolve himself. “The Confession of Man” is a deeply inspiring engagement that sets women and men up to Lead our Future as One.


A deeply inspiring, engaging and heart-opening workshop that takes the audience on a journey of completing something real in their lives to instantly create more space and freedom in their lives! Forgotten dreams re-awakened, ancient errors cleaned up, forgotten relations healed all in the course of one workshop (some of course take much longer.) In this interactive keynote workshop there is Storytelling, journalling, breath work, mini-meditation, organic movement and celebration.

Everyday divine love

Kiko Ellsworth gently opens the hearts of participants by interweaving powerful breath work practices with new paradigms of divine love that allow each of us to better express our love for one another. He shares powerful real life experiences that allow us to recreate how we choose to think about true love and loved ones. This keynote is great for individuals at every phase of their relationships. Whether they are preparing themselves to enter into a healthy partnering with another, or in the midst of one and definitely at the completion of a past romantic partnering with another. Even for those who struggle with family. This experience is a powerful healing tool.


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The encore was VERY well attended and you really struck a chord that resonated with the audience.

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"Over 900 have viewed Kiko’s presentation both live and on demand. (1st day!)


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Kiko had 230 live participants during his Wellness Wednesday session. These numbers are amazing...other evening sessions had around 80 ppl to give you an idea. Congratulations on a successful keynote/and wellness presentation!" ~ F.G.

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