Kiko Ellsworth is a dynamic, funny and deeply inspiring thought leader who speaks to male and female college students inspiring them to unite as teammates so that the girls are safe and the boys have inner peace. Read more…

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Kiko delivers a funny, powerpacked and unifying speech that brings males and females together as one unstoppable force for good! Great for companies, universities, colleges, schools and any organizations where there are females and males of any age.

Happy, Healthy & Successful Men

Happier, successful and Fully Powered! Kiko lays out his key principles that he's discovered over his lifetime in how to transform into a balanced, healthy and happy man!

Criminal to Creative

Kiko inspires and challenges at risk youth from breaking the law to breaking the mold. He shares his engaging, adventurous and funny personal journey of how he transformed from growing up a thief to celebrity, to inspirational thought leader. And how anyone can use their untapped power to make a positive impact in our world!

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