Are you constantly feeling so frustrated like WTF, why can’t I get this, what the heck am I missing here? Like you’re often moving one step forward three steps backwards? Do you feel like “yes I’m finally getting it” and then she says, “we need to talk“ and you’re like, “oh shit…here we go again?“ Or there’s a part of you, your emotions or feelings or something that you just don’t have access to? You want to have access, but you just don’t have the right key combination? Or are you right on the precipice of breaking through to the next level of your life and know you need better tools, new perspectives, a better fuel to make that shift?

I know that these examples just go on and on and on because I’ve lived it myself. My entire marriage was this experience, always badly behind. Even before my marriage I felt like I was missing something within myself. Like they were parts of me that weren’t activated and even though I wanted to be more, do more and feel more, I kept hitting a glass ceiling. I knew I wasn’t living anywhere near my capacity as an evolving man.

Most men finish life regretful and unfulfilled, never truly demonstrating the phenomenal love and power of the divine masculine man. He cruises through life using only six of his cylinders, never realizing that he is actually a 12 cylinder high-performance vehicle. Missing altogether that he’s here to create something bigger, greater and grander than anything he’s ever created before in his life. Sound familiar?

Well I can safely say that after over 35 years of being lost in a dark room, trying to turn on the lights within myself, not only have I found my own light switch, but I’m bringing all the tools that I learned along the way to support you in becoming your fully activated, whole, complete, happy, healed and powerful man. 

After working with me, (and you will do work) you will be able to have access to those sensitive areas within you that were once off-limits and unattainable before. You’ll know your value in a relationship, what you truly desire, deserve,  how you need to be treated, what you have to offer and how valuable you are as a man. You’ll know how to fully appreciate the many beautiful powerful aspects of all females (your polar opposite & perfect creative partner) and how to fully show up and co-lead in a healthy conscious relationship.

Does that sound like something you’ve been seeking? If so, I can teach you how to decipher and activate those other essential 6 cylinders of your manhood so you can be that 12 cylinder high-performance vehicle you are meant to be.

Finish your life fulfilled, accomplished and victorious of how you lived and the positive impact you made on the planet. Make no mistakes brother, you will die…how is up to you. I say, choose to die victorious. You can achieve that ultimate victory for yourself. I got your back brother. Let’s get you activated!

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From a man who held resentment and intense anger in his heart towards his father. To a man who now has complete peace in his relationship with his father after 30 years of conscious effort.

From a man who was incapable of properly showing up in every way in his marriage. To a man who actively supports his former wife on her new paths in life, current relationship, while transitioning their relationship into a deep authentic platonic friendship for their daughter to witness and actively still be a part of. 

From a man unable to identify and communicate his emotions authentically in a relationship. To a man who’s able to initiate deep productive interactions that are valuable for everyone.

From a man who lived a life built off of pure ego, control, fear, force and insecurity. To a man who lives a life built off of pure spirit, trust, intuition, balance and moderation.

From a man, a bachelor living the fast life unfaithfully dating multiple women simultaneously. To a man fully present to give his undivided attention, love and respect to one relationship, one woman at a time until their relationship is fully complete.

From a man living the fast life going in all the most unproductive directions.  To a man living clearly, securely, passionately in his souls mission.

From a man unaware, and insensitive to a woman’s deepest needs. To a man able to empathize, highly tuned in to his queens energy, mental, emotional and physical needs and desires.

From a man with a very adolescent review on romance. To a man with an ever evolving, mature relationship to romance and it’s deeper beneficial values.

From a man who woke up confused on a daily basis as to the direction of his life. To a man who wakes up every day routinely clear on his life purpose, direction and those who mean the most to him.

From a man sloppily confused on how to express his life’s mission. To a man who has a highly refined, ever-evolving daily process to fulfill his soul’s mission.

From a man who could barely see past a woman’s outer physical attractiveness. To a man who sees underneath the sexuality of a woman, deeply into the primal Relationship of their creative friendship.

From a man who was quick to anger and frustration. To a man with ever deepening patience and the ability to think clearly before making any sort of irrational response.

From a man who lived a life unable to see and appreciate the true value of a woman. To a man who sees and champions the many divine and powerful aspects of a woman able to see her beauty from the inside out and provide a protective space for all females spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. 

From a man who worked out hours a day in the gym focusing on building his physical strength. To a man spending hours a day meditating, practicing yoga and other inner work to strengthen his inner bodies.

From a man who was in capable of being mentally and emotionally and spiritually present as a father. To a man who Is continually evolving to be a magnificent father as well as learning how to better invest in his relationship with his child.

From a man who was unable to see the value in himself and his body and mind. To a man who is very mindful of where he spends his time, who he spends his time with and what he expends his energy on.

From a man who was a thief for the better part of the first 25 years of his life. To a man who lives a life dedicated to integrity, generosity, and honor for our creator and all of humanity.

From a man who woke up late each morning and jumped on the computer to check emails first thing. To a man who gets up before the sunrise with a powerful spiritual life practice to springboard each day.

From a man who ate meat multiple times a day who didn’t consider a meal, a real meal, unless it had meat on the plate. To a man who’s food intake is all plant-based, organic, and superfoods while loving all veggies without judgement.

From a man who was addicted to sugar, honey, juice and anything sweet. To a man who has rediscovered his natural taste palette to enjoy foods how they were meant to be appreciated. 

From a man who ritually would get drunk before going out on the town. To a man who has the highest high off of pure life, no liquor required.

From a man who was biologically compelled to pro-actively pursue a woman sexually who he thought was attractive. To a man who’s overcome his lower animal nature and interact with all women from his highest self while allowing the animal nature in him to follow behind.

From a man who smoked marijuana regularly.  To a man who was able to use his natural tools for his creativity and growth instead.

and more transformation is always to come.