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Self-Mastery Coaching Program

Greetings. My name is Ise (ee-say)...

a Modern Shaman and founder of The Divine Man Self-Mastery Coaching Program

I guide male leaders to reinvent their personal identity so that they can achieve peak performance mastery in every area of their lives.

Ive been in the entertainment business for over 20 years crafting identities in front of and behind the camera to inspire and entertain you. Acting, writing, directing and producing. Won several awards, even an Emmy. So I’m pretty well experienced with creating identities from the inside out.  

Combine that with years of teaching kundalini yoga, meditation, martial arts, special education for children, being the Vice President and self defense coordinator for a local domestic violence nonprofit, and rebuilding my own identity from a unconquerable spiritual foundation has enabled me to not only become my own divine man, but I also teach other men how to do the same for themselves. 

The need for men to be healthy, happy and whole is more vital now in these times than ever before.

Everyone is looking to YOU to be the man, the father, the protector, the provider and to lead the way properly. To lead with balance of love, humility and strength. 

This leaves most men spinning in confusion, frustration or going down the wrong path in life only to find out that it wasn’t a true path and the two old to do anything about it. But you’ll never know because we men have been trained to put on our “Mr. know it all” face and we keep plowing forward into no man’s land. Even if it’s the wrong direction.  

Still leading with force, with manipulation, with anger, impatience, frustration etc.This simply doesn’t work anymore. Our wives, sisters, children and friends fear the man of this modern world.

People want to be led, but they want to be led properly...with love, kindness, grace and patience, not by force.

To lead properly all starts with how you view yourself, your personal identity.

Hear from these men and women on working with me.

A woman is your perfect co-creative partner only when you are in a harmonious, balanced flow with yourself first. These days most women fear the modern man. Not just physically, but spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well. Unless you have truly created a safe space for her…

She does NOT fully trust you. Nor does she surrender to your love.

It is only when a woman can fully trust a man that she can surrender into her natural being as a woman and stop being forced into her masculine energy out of fear.

A woman is your perfect co-creative partner only when you are in a harmonious, balanced flow with yourself first. These days most women fear the modern man. Not just physically, but spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well. Unless you have truly created a safe space for her…

I don’t know about you but I am NOT OK with being feared. In fact, I’m deeply disheartened by this and it makes me ashamed to be a man. Which is why my life is completely devoted to  Teaching men how to craft their very own honorable, trustworthy and peaceful identity to say the least.

You can be a part of this Inevitable Re-Integration of the Original Man, the Healthy Man, the Whole and Complete man, the Divine Man making his long awaited presence known back on this planet. To lead like a man is expected to lead, from his heart. A man that firstly honors and loves himself and his Creator. Respecting life itself. A man who disciplines his mind to have right thinking so that his emotions always shine like the sun upon all, giving life to all there is. He is a man of honor and valor who perpetuates peace, trust, safety, kindness, strength and love for the entire planet.

Or you can pretend that this problem doesn’t exist and keep doing what you’re doing.

I’ve transformed countless areas of my life from toxicity to positivity. From pain to spiritual pleasure and from fear and failure to grand awakenings that grow beautiful things, giving life to all. I’ve helped hundreds of men to live as a higher version of themselves while deeply satisfying their wives, growing their children from Divine Father energy and truly walking in their spiritual gifts and power in all areas of life.


Working with Ise & The Divine Man Self-Mastery Coaching Program

Allen Maldonado - Actor | Writer | Prod

"Between the breathing techniques, yoga, meditation and martial arts, I was able to hone in on the real man inside of me."

Matthew Russell - Director

"Not only is he the best actor I've ever gotten the pleasure of directing, but with his coaching I've been able to navigate the unseen pitfalls of Hollywood so that my heart and soul is in a constant state of peace and gratitude."

Mor Cazakov

"Coaching with Ise and the Self-Mastery program I know that I'm sure to accomplish all of my personal and business goals. He's truly changed the lives of my family and my entire team of plumbers!"

Joel Greenstein - Shamanic Healer

"The guidance and love I have accepted from Ise has been such a blessing in my life. He has helped guide me back to right thinking and right actions. His brotherhood and presence in my life has made such a difference. He has a heart of compassion and the wisdom of fatherly love."

What's taken me over 30 years to figure out, I can teach you in a matter of months!

If we are a fit to work together here are just a few things you’ll attain in becoming your own Divine Man:

Your personal identity is the very foundation of every single area of your life and ultimately solves all problems.

I know that’s a bold statement, but it’s TRUE!

If you want an unshakable relation flow with your wife and others, you have to have this first with yourself. And this means all aspects of who you are needs to be acknowledged, accepted, healed, activated an amplified for you to be a complete man!

in this day and age it’s not enough to just be rich and successful in business or to be popular on social media or to have the best body and be in shape or to be the best lover. The man of this era is required to be all of that.  

How many times have you heard of successful people who are depressed, unhappy, on medication and even ending their life? All too common. At the core of all of this there is a deep unfulfillment of missing the mark at their very core, their personal identity.


Become a complete man, a whole man, a fully integrated man… A Divine Man and make sure that you will be completing your life proud in with zero regrets.

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